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About us

We imagined a new world, a world of fantasy, a world of mystery and now you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in it by crossing the boundaries between the real and the virtual.

Change your mind and discover your skills in a totally immersive experience.

Cübe is the most creative life-size Montreal escape game in Canada. Be locked as a team in one of our original scenarios, search, find the multiple clues that are hidden there and solve the puzzles in order to escape before the allotted time is up.

Teamwork and communication will be the keys to your success!


How it works ?

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You are trapped and you have 60 minutes to escape!


Observe everywhere and work as a team to solve the puzzles you face.


Find the final key and you are free!

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Our Escape games


2025, the population has doubled. Our food reserves are limited. Only the rich can afford to eat red meat. Each butcher’s shop tries everything to have its stock. But, it seems that the butcher still has its stock without any problem. But where does all this meat come from?


The logistics company Zeno covers 80% of the global transport market, and this has been going on for far too long. Rumor has it that he doesn’t just haul commercial goods. You, and your journalist friends, will soon find out, but when you infiltrate the commercial port, your entire group gets knocked out…


In a small village in Hunan, China, villagers recently discovered a mysterious and forbidden underground. You and your team of archaeologists will have to explore this unknown area and uncover the truth behind this mystery.


45 years ago, Master Akira was a highly respected ninja. His mission was to create weapons of war for his emperor. However, these weapons were much more powerful than expected. The 3 legendary weapons could not only conquer Japan but also destroy the world.

Themes for all tastes


A passionate team

At Cübe, we believe your adventure begins the moment you walk through our front door. Our company values ​​the quality and meticulousness of the service offered. We are a passionate team that pays close attention to detail. In order to offer you an optimal experience, the Game Masters actively participate in the activity by supervising you by cameras. Thus, they are always on the lookout and ready to guide you in your escape game without intermittence.

A safe environment

We have over 7,000 square feet allocated for our themed rooms and rest assured that we have a fire alarm system and evacuation procedure to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for all of our participants.

Private rooms

All of our reservations are private, so come live the experience with the team you choose. Get to know your loved ones in a new light, under special circumstances, or simply come and have a good time with colleagues, friends or family!

Innovative escape games

If you covet a team building activity or if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, suspense, unexpected obstacles, come take the challenge! Experience breakout innovation at its best!
Quickly compose your team!
We imagined a new world,
a world of fantasy, a world of mystery
What the players say
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Une belle ambiance du moment où on rentre dans l'endroit. Un accueil chaleureux, du personnel passionné, des énigmes qui posent tout un défi à résoudre. Ça a été une expérience que je recommande fortement a quiconque cherche une activité a faire en famille ou entre amis.

- Rémi.

Great time spent at Cübe! Thank you for the warm welcome. The container is pleasant, but the butchery is just excellent

Marc R

Super nice, top team! It just opened and yet, I noticed the great professionalism, in the sets, the atmosphere, or even the turn of the puzzles. Congratulations to you all!! Can’t wait to come back for a rematch! 🙂

Ludo L

Loved our experience at 4. Very welcoming staff and took time before and after the activity to interact with us. Nice construction of the puzzles and the mechanisms to reveal the clues to us and to make us progress are sometimes where we did not expect them. It was our second escape game and everyone enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend.

Charles S

They trusted us
The answers to all your questions

What is an escape game

This is an immersive, rather intellectual, team game in which you are voluntarily locked in one of our themed rooms. You must solve your mission with the ultimate goal of finding a key or equivalent to escape.

Do we absolutely have to book in advance?

Making a reservation online or by phone is strongly recommended to guarantee the date and time you wish to place your game. We still accept customers without reservations subject to availability on our reservation calendar.

Are we paired up with other people?

No. Every booking made with Cübe is private, so you will never be matched with other groups.

What is your policy towards participants who show up poisoned at the time of booking?

Alcohol, or any other intoxicating substance, will not be tolerated. Cübe reserves the right to deny access to the rooms to anyone who does not respect these rules.

Is there a prerequisite age?

No, there is no set minimum age. However, children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult inside the theme rooms.

How do we pay?

Payments (Cash, Debit, Visa / Mastercard) are made when you arrive at the branch. All discounts and promotions will be applied at that time, hence the importance of arriving 15 minutes before your game time. A credit card number will be requested as a guarantee only when you book online.

Can I buy gift cards?

Yes. It is possible to purchase gift cards in branch or by email.

Gift card
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Possibility of purchasing a gift card in our center or by email.

Contact us

Contact us

Wednesday to Sunday, by reservation
Email : info@cubecanada.ca


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+1 514-521-2888